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"Something like this allows someone like me or someone who's just starting out to stay ahead."


"It's a versatile device that's made to be easy to use by just about anybody.
I think it's a very fun device to have around when making music."

Shinji Hosoe, Game Music Creator

You have all your weapons inside this little box

A mobile audio workstation with advanced synthesizer, sequencer, audio capabilities, and X-Y Pad.

  • Synthesizer

  • Sequencer

  • Sampler

  • XY-PAD

Wow there are a lot of different sounds!

Listen to some of the presets made by top artists around the world.

Touch & Feel

You get a tight control over your work with a touch panel, a keyboard with velocity, and physical buttons.

  • Touch panel

  • Keyboard with velocity

  • Physical buttons

And since it's portable, you can take it with you

Handheld size, works on a rechargeable battery.

10 hours

The world's first Portable Music Studio

Coming out this year!